Last month, we welcomed a corporate volunteering team from local business Cherry Godfrey for an exciting day of volunteering at the Sanctuary.

They helped us build a new outdoor habitat for our Spur-thighed tortoises, Matteo and Rocco, who have a combined age of 99! We’re always looking for ways to make our animals happier and healthier, and extending the tortoise habitat outdoors will provide Matteo and Rocco with more space to roam in the warmer months.

The Cherry Godfrey team met our tortoises, Matteo and Rocco.

Matteo and Rocco!

The Cherry Godfrey team were able to meet Matteo and Rocco for themselves during a special encounter led by our Animal Manager, Marc. They learnt about the Spur-thighed tortoise species, which originates from the Mediterranean, and why so many pet tortoises are rehomed due to their long lifespans.

The new outdoor tortoise habitat during construction.

A day of “fun, mud and laughter”

The volunteers teamed up with our Gardener, Chris, and helped to turf the outdoor tortoise habitat by transporting wheelbarrows filled with soil across the Sanctuary. They also took part in some other site clearance to make space for new animal habitats in the future.

The volunteers also planted a new tree for our tortoises.

Sarah from the Cherry Godfrey team said: “I had a great day volunteering at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary. All the staff were lovely and very knowledgeable. The work they do is amazing to ensure the animals have a safe and happy environment.”

Kelly from the Cherry Godfrey team said: “It was so nice to be able to help do something truly useful, that will make a difference for years to come. Chris and the team worked us hard but it was a day of fun, mud and laughter!”

Jenna from the Cherry Godfrey team said: “I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The knowledge and love the staff have for the animals is truly heartwarming. Please go and support this amazing animal sanctuary!”

We’re truly grateful for all the hard work the volunteers from Cherry Godfrey have done for us, and we think Matteo and Rocco will be grateful too. The new outdoor tortoise habitat is open now, so come and see it on your next visit to the Sanctuary!

Would your business like to volunteer with us?

We love to welcome corporate volunteering teams who want to support the Sanctuary. If your business would like to arrange a team building or volunteering day with us then get in touch using our contact form.