Tigers at the Wildheart Trust

We have two female tigers who came to The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary in 2018 having been rescued from a travelling circus in Spain by our rescue partner in Holland, Animal Advocacy and Protection (AAP). They were forced to live in cramped and barbaric conditions and were given up by the circus before coming to live with us in their forever home at our Sanctuary.

We focus on excellent animal welfare; offering a safe forever home to abused individuals; conservation by protecting areas of natural tiger habitat in the wild, and education by inspiring you, our wonderful visitors, to care about efforts to protect them.

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Conservation Status: Endangered

Natasha is the youngest and most vibrant of our females and isn’t shy by any stretch of the imagination. Natasha is affectionate and curious and likes to think she’s the boss! She really loves ‘stalking’ our visitors and, most recently, the two lion brothers in the enclosure just opposite her.


Conservation Status: Endangered

‘Zoppa’ is lame on her left front leg – indeed, the word ‘Zoppa’ translates as ‘lame’ or ‘limping’ in Italian. So many of our visitors show care and concern by alerting us to this issue …but rest assured, she is in very good hands. Her injury is a permanent disability but she has adapted to it and she lives a very good life. We are satisfied she is not suffering and visitors will see she is incredibly active and mobile, enjoying playing with the other tigers – in fact she is the first one out to play when we bring their enrichment toys out