Our Farm Animal Family

Here at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, we have a small collection of animals who are very pleased to meet you down at the farm. Why not come and say hello?

Goats – Domesticated by humans, wild goats are found in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. There are around 210 named breeds of domestic goats. We have four pygmy goats and two Anglo-Nubian goats.

Pigs – Humans domesticated pigs thousands of years ago in Asia and Europe. There are many different breeds of domestic pig and our two lovely pigs are classified as pot-bellied pigs crossed with Kunekune.

Rabbits – Our domestic rabbit Cash is a Flemmish Giants, which are one of the largest breed of domesticated rabbit! And Harper is a cross breed.

Henry & Angus, Muffin & Bella

Species: African Pygmy Goats

These four are bundles of mischievous trouble (three males with Bella being the only female)! They enjoy climbing, browsing and engaging with the visiting public. Their favorite food is fresh willow shoots and specially prepared grain mix.

Vinnie (Vincent Van Goat) and JP (Jean Paul Goatier)

Species: Anglo Nubian Goats

Vinnie and JP came to the sanctuary as kids in 2020 from a local smallholding. JP loves to go for walks around the Sanctuary and have a cheeky munch on all the gardener’s plants. Vinnie’s favourite game is to tease the rest of the herd and then hide behind his animal carer! They are gentle giants amongst our goat herd, and whilst they are a lot bigger than the older pygmy goats, they know their place and respect their elders!

Truffles & Snuffles

Species: Pig

Truffles and Snuffles are a brother and sister and are half Kune Kune Pig, half Pot-bellied. Who came to us from the RSPCA in 2020 as companions for our much-missed Velma.


Species: Rabbit

Cash was originally an unwanted pet, who came to the Sanctuary from an animal rescue center. Cash loves to inspect what’s going on, his fur is eleven out of ten soft!


Species: Rabbit

Harper joined us from a rescue center as a companion for Cash.