Eurasian Lynx Rescue

We have three amazing Eurasian Lynx here at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary which were in desperate need of a new home fast. Named after characters from Game of Thrones, our family consists of mum Daenerys, daughter Nymeria and son Tyrion. They arrived in November 2020 and have now found their forever home here on the Isle of Wight in Sandown.

They are secretive and like to hide away. Although they live as a family group, lynx are solitary in the wild so we give them plenty of space and hiding places to get away from each other when they want to.


Conservation Status: Least Concern

Daenerys was born in Norway in 2012, she’s quite laid back but will remind her offspring who’s in charge when she needs to!


Conservation Status: Least Concern

Tyrion & Nymeria were born in Wales in 2016.


Conservation Status: Least Concern

Tyrion loves sitting up on his lookout tower, and is very greedy.