We are excited to announce that we have two rescue tigers coming to their forever home at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary in early February 2023.

Softi and Toph, two female tigers, have had incredibly tragic lives thus far. Bred in captivity in Italy, and then in October 2019 they were found in small crates in the back of a horse box starving, dehydrated, and covered in excrement bound for Russia to fates unknown. They were confiscated at the Belarussian border and have been cared for since at a Sanctuary in Spain, run by AAP.

We will be welcoming these two amazing animals, who have endured so much, into our home and into our hearts, to continue their rehabilitation and to live out their lives in peace.

To find out more about Softi and Toph, and how you can help us rehome them at the Sanctuary click the link below.