Join us to learn all about these amazing creatures and the reintroduction programme bringing them back from the brink of extinction!

Bring the curriculum to life with our engaging and memorable outreach sessions. Learn about our majestic White-tailed eagles, find out about their amazing adaptations, why the Island is such a key part in this species survival, what they eat and their important role in our wetland ecosystems.

What we offer:

  • We will come to you and deliver in your classroom
  • Sessions delivered by a qualified teacher
  • Interactive lessons with props artefacts, to really bring White-tailed Eagles to life
  • Links to the new DFE Sustainability & Climate Change strategy to connect your students with nature
  • Free follow up activity and resource pack
  • Free sticker sheets

FREE resources can be found on our Learning & Discovery Educational Resources page here!

Curriculum Links

Living Things and Their Habitats, classification, environments and change

Animals including humans, animal diets including food chains/webs, lifecycles and adaptations


Identification of key habitat features within a local context with embedded geographical vocabulary


Sustainability, caring for our environment and animals that live in the wild

Encouraging students to become responsible citizens

If you have any questions or queries then please either email us at: discovery@wildheartanimalsanctuary.org


call us on 01983 403 883 extension 124