If you want to learn more about science, our planet, and how you can make a difference, then our FOCAS FEST is for you!

This is the first ever FOCAS Fest – Focus on Conservation and Science – at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary. Our aim is to help make science and conservation more accessible to all children, bringing both to life in a fun and imaginative way. On Saturday 1st July we will be giving exclusive access to the Sanctuary for just £2.50 per person.

We invite all children to immerse themselves in a world of wonder where they can connect to our natural world and see how science can have an immensely positive impact on the planet, and most importantly for them to understand ways they too can help save our planet.

There will 2 sessions on the 1st July – morning and afternoon.

Morning session – 9:30am to 1pm
Afternoon session – 1:30pm to 5pm

Booking for this event is Online only. There is limited availability to book early to avoid disappointment.

Join us to experience a host of fantastic exhibitors who will help kids connect with nature by immersing themselves in a variety of conservation and science based activities including:

  • How to rescue a beached dolphin?
  • Learn how to make a bug hotel, plant seagrass and make wool
  • Explore the old and new worlds of dinosaurs and underwater robots
  • Learn more about our natural world, hedgehogs, birds, bugs and bats
  • Step into the secret and scientific world of Gases, with liquid nitrogen and Co2 demos, and explore the skies with telescopes
  • Find out what you can you do to help save our wildlife and our planet?

And lots lots more…

Talk Schedule for the day

In addition to all of the exhibits we will have on show, there is also a fabulous line up of talks throughout both sessions.

FIRST SESSION9:30 – 13:00
10:00Secret World of Gases show by Winchester Science Centre
10:30Farm Encounter
11:00Monkey Meet the Keeper
11:30Big Cat Talk
12:00Secret World of Gases show by Winchester Science Centre
SECOND SESSION13:30 – 17:00
13:30Secret World of Gases show by Winchester Science Centre
14:00Big Cat Talk
14:30Secret World of Gases show by Winchester Science Centre
15:00Farm Encounter
15:30Monkey Meet the Keeper

Our Lemur Dome will also be open 10:00-12:45 and 14:00-16:45.

Some idea of what you can expect on the day – watch this space – more to follow soon….

Secret World of Gases show by Winchester Science Centre

Are you ready to explore the Secret World of Gases? Let’s go! The Inspirers from Wonderseekers will take you on an exciting adventure into the science of gases. Don’t miss the amazing awe-inspiring liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide demos!

Meet Glenn Martin and ‘Percy’ the plesiosaur

Meet Glenn Martin, local sculptor and Oly Rush, swimmer and ocean activist, who will be at the FOCAS FEST – Glenn will hand over a 40kg plastic sculpture plesiosaur (Percy) he has designed and created to Oly Rush who will be towing the sculpture as part of an endurance swim on the 29th July to raise awareness of pollution in our seas as part of his charity ‘Project Planet’.