To celebrate Global Tiger Day we are having a tiger extravaganza at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary this weekend.

Global Tiger day is an annual celebration to help raise awareness for tigers and their conservation. The aim of the day is to promote a global system that will help to protect the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues. Here at the Sanctuary we help to deliver on this aim through our daily animal talks and this weekend we have a host of tiger related activities to help the next generation understand the importance of protecting this rare species.

Daily Animal Talks and Encounter Schedule

11:00Monkey Talk
11:30Big Cat Talk
12:00Meerkat Encounters (£10pp)
12:20Meerkat Talk
13:40Farm Encounter
14:00Big Cat Talk
14:30Reptile Encounter
15:00Small Cat Talk – Lynx or Serval

Tiger Trail

Join us for an interactive tour learning about tiger adaptations. Learning some fascinating facts along the way you will practice how to reach up and scratch a post like a tiger, why they have stripes and use your sense of smell to sniff out tiger prey.

Tiger Artefacts

Join us to discover the amazing world of tigers through our awesome biofacts. Get up close and personal with our replica tiger skull, place your hand inside a tiger pawprint and be in awe of their claws!

Tiger Crafts

Join us for a little sit down and perfect your colouring skills with our tiger colouring station and a tiger wishing tree for you to make a wish for our new tigers.

Supporting WildCAT-C

As part of our commitment to conservation, we partner with organisations, including WildCAT-C, in India, who work to preserve the natural habitats of wild tigers.

WildCAT-C is a community-led organisation, working to protect animals through science based conservation actions, advocacy, legal and policy interventions, community support and nature education.

This weekend we are helping to raise much needed funds for WIldCAT-C. These donations will go to support:

  1. Education around tiger conservation issues
  2. Protecting the tiger habitats
  3. Addressing human-animal conflict in these regions.