Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust hope to return the beaver to the Isle of Wight. They have a strong track record of working to bring back missing species, and have already seen otter, water vole and marsh fritillary return to their former haunts.

The Isle of Wight Beaver project is a key part of the Trust’s Wilder Wight vision and one that it hopes can support transformative change in the face of a climate and ecological emergency.

It is the Wildlife Trust’s aspiration that any forthcoming release strategy would lead to a long term free living population of beaver on the Isle of Wight.

Join us on the 28th April at 17:30 when we will be hosting a talk from the Isle of Wight Beaver project officer Izzie Tween here at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary. This will be a fantastic opportunity to get the very latest updates on the projects progress, why beavers are such an incredible part of nature and native species recovery and where and how the project could be rolled out across the Island. It will include a Q and A session so all your Beaver related queries can be answered. This event is free but reservations are required and refreshments will be available on the night.


ADMISSION: FREE (car perking is also free in the car park but you will need to register your registration with us on the night)