In May this year the sanctuary will open a new state of the art Primate Rescue Facility and we are giving you the opportunity to get involved and support this incredible project with a fantastic sponsorship offer.

The new facility will comprise two gigantic eco domes constructed from over 700 bamboo poles which laid flat would stretch out well over 2km.

For just £15 you can sponsor one of the poles and have TWO photographs of you, your family or even one of your pets included in our Giant Lemur Photographic Mosaic which will hang in pride of place outside the Primate Rescue Facility building.

To sponsor one of the bamboo poles click here and you your family or your friends can become part of this wonderful project.

There will be no building quite like it in Europe and you can sponsor one of these bamboo poles and become part of the very fabric of this incredible new building.

Initially it will support and house our collection of lemurs, a species on the brink of being wiped off the face of the planet. Incredibly, 94% of lemur species are threatened with extinction and if this continues without intervention then they will become the first entire group of mammals to be lost forever. There will be no way back.

It will give our primates continuous access to a high rainforest canopy mirroring the natural habitat of many of our primates. Visitors will be wowed as they take a trail through the domes that recreate the flora, fauna and wildlife communities of some of the countries our primates originate from. The journey through our Primate Rescue Facility will be a powerful demonstration of the realities of the conservation crisis threatening our planet’s ecosystem.

So please do get involved and sponsor one of our bamboo poles and become part of the heart of our sanctuary while supporting one of the most vulnerable species on earth.