We are excited to say that we are reopening from February 1st and cannot wait to welcome you all back to the sanctuary to meet all your old favourites and get your first proper glimpses of our new servals Tafkap and Xirus.

Thank you so much for your patience during our closure but we can assure you we haven’t been sitting idle while we have been away and have been working like billy-oh to revamp our kitchen and shop ready to knock your socks off in 2022.

Of course the most exciting development during January has been Tafkap and Xirus taking their first steps out in to their new habitat following the recent ending of a mandatory quarantine period. Suffice to say they are absolutely in heaven exploring their new world and getting more confident by the day. We know you are going to fall in love with them just like the team have.

Of course, there remains a serious backstory to the horrendous start these beautiful animals had in life. They were rescued from the illegal pet trade by our good friends AAP and we are campaigning to ban the breeding of exotic felids like servals with domestic pets in the UK. Read more about our SERVIVAL campaign here and follow our progress.