We linked up with Airtasker UK this summer to find somebody to make a very special toy for our tigers. Well we found that very special somebody in Alastair Nye, a local teacher at Ryde Academy as well as a hobby carpenter from just down the road in Bembridge. We are now delighted to reveal the finished product – a magnificent “Tiger Tombola”

A thing of true beauty, it was designed, crafted and created by Alastair and we had a great day installing it when a team from the Royal Navy came to the sanctuary as part of a team building exercise giving back to the community and helped complete the project. The job combined equal parts raw strength and ingenious problem solving.

As you can see, Natasha, Zoppa and Antonella wasted no time in investigating the Tombola, which is filled with treats and requires the girls to use strength and ingenuity to free them from the structure. Luckily they are incredibly powerful and highly intelligent!

Toys like this are absolutely vital for our animals, providing vital enrichment and stimulating their wild instincts. It has been a great privilege to work with Alastair and the Airtasker platform and we are delighted with the results.

Why not pop along to the sanctuary and see the toy in action yourself?