We adore rabbits here at the sanctuary and are proudly supporting World Rabbit Awareness Week, a series of events and campaigns dedicated to improving the health and welfare of rabbit’s across the globe.

Every year 1000s of rabbits are cared for by rescue organisations and are one of the most abused family animal companions.

Traditionally rabbits are thought of as an easy starter pet for children but they actually have complex needs and to look after them properly they require specialist care. Some owners underestimate the level of responsibility and care needed by rabbits leading to abandonment.

We are proud to provide happy, safe forever homes here at the sanctuary for Cash and Skye. Cash is our majestic Flemish Giant rabbit who we rescued in 2016 and Skye is our adorable French Lop who came to us in 2019. Flemish Giant’s are the world’s largest type of rabbit and French Lop’s ears can grow up to 20cm so they make a very impressive pair. It warms our hearts to see Cash and Skye thrive here and are popular with all our visitors, young and old!

If you’re serious and have time to commit, they make consider contacting a local animal centre to consider giving a second chance at finding a new loving home to a special animal that really does deserve one.