We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Create-A-Postcard-Competition where we asked visitors to our sanctuary and supporters from around the world to create a piece of art that depicted how nature helped them through lockdown.

We collaborated on this creative project with Isle of Wight based studio Artfullness and were genuinely moved by the vast number of entries we received as well as the thought, imagination and flair that went into the beautiful contributions.

Nature and wildlife have clearly had a profound effect on people of all ages, providing both comfort and inspiration during a very difficult time.

Our head judge and trustee Chris Packham had the unenviable job of picking four winners from each of the categories and after much deliberation he selected the following winners:

Under 7.

Jonah Lightfoot Aged Four. Cabbages.

Jonah told us that he found inspiration in growing cabbages while looking for birds and bees in his garden and it made him feel very happy.

Ages 8-12.

Malakai, aged 10 from Greenmount Primary School. Hanging Monkeys.

Malakai explained to us “What inspired me to draw this was because I really like monkeys and they look so relaxed when they’re hanging from a tree. I like to think monkeys like to sit there relaxed and watch people. Even though I’ve never been to the animal sanctuary before, I cannot wait to go there. I’m so excited to have won the competition and can’t wait to see it on a postcard.”

Ages 13-18.

Rosie Woolston, aged 13. Looking Up Brings You Light

Rosie told us: “I wanted to show everyone how much watching the birds helped me through lockdown. The return of the swallows and swifts gives such marvellous hope and promise. Over these troublesome times, it was tremendously valuable to look up at the sanctuary in the sky. It is there for everyone.”

Over 18.

Christina Cacciato Your Garden Is Your Nature Sanctuary – Nurture It.

Christina explained the inspiration behind her artwork:

“During the lockdown, there were so many people like me, who found solace in their gardens. Mine is only small, but I have packed lots into it, and it has plenty of wildlife, including frogs, toads, newts, bees, butterflies, moths, white spiders and much more, which inspired my postcard design.”

Lawrence Bates, Chief Operating Officer of the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary said:

“This has been an inspiring project to collaborate on with Artfullness. Huge congratulations to our four winners and an equally big Wildheart thank you and well done to all the other artists who contributed. It was great to see how important nature and wildlife has been to people’s wellbeing and we all enjoyed the optimism in the artwork. Nature is wonderful and so important to our well being. We must nurture and treasure it but never forget to enjoy it.”

Lucy and Nikki from Artfullness were excited to be part of this creative collaboration with The Wildheart Sanctuary. Their own artwork is based on the natural environment and they were inspired by the entries from each age group. They said:

“It’s all about having fun and being ourselves through the process of creating and it was incredible to see the different viewpoints and creativity in all of the entries. Well done to everyone we loved seeing your unique talents.’

The four winners will see their creations recreated as a postcard and sold in our shop until Christmas with all proceeds going to a wildlife charity of their choice. They will also receive a year-long membership to the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary so they can continue to use our rescued animals as an inspiration.

A selection of entries will be displayed in the Wildheart Café until the end of 2021.