Hedgehog Island is a brand new campaign organised by The Wildheart Trust and local voluntary hedgehog rescue group ‘Save Our Hedgehogs Isle of Wight’ to see how many hedgehogs there are on the island.

We cannot do that without everyone’s help, so we are asking the Island community to help us find out the size of the hedgehog population and where the hedgehogs are located. We need you to report any hedgehog sightings so we can build up an accurate picture and create a map.

You can send in your sightings by email or by post. There is a simple form you can download and fill in How to report your hedgehog sighting, or you can simply email the information to either of the two addresses listed. Don’t forget to include all the relevant bits of information we need though. If you are able to take a picture then please feel free but only if safe to do so. Make sure you do not interfere or disturb them in their habitat.

Once we have collected all this information about our hedgehog population we will be able to come up with exciting new plans for hedgehog conservation – and you can be part of that too!

On Saturday 26th October we will be holding a Hedgehog Day at the Isle of Wight Zoo. This is a great opportunity to come and find out what we can all do to help our hedgehogs prepare for their winter hibernation and especially how to look out for them on bonfire night.

Remember, the aims of Hedgehog Island are:

  • To inspire and empower Isle of Wight communities to take positive actions for hedgehog conservation
  • To gain a better understanding of the size and distribution of the wild hedgehog population on the Isle of Wight by using a citizen science approach
  • To provide a safe permanent home at the Isle of Wight Zoo for rescued hedgehogs that are too disabled to be returned to the wild