So this is a bit exciting and something very different for us!

Recently the enthusiastic and talented Anthony Sellers of BBC Radio 3 joined us to record the ‘sounds of the zoo’ in order to create a piece for Slow Radio on BBC Radio 3. He has compiled those recordings into a unique and meditative ‘slow radio’ recording which will be played on BBC Radio 3 on 4th July at midnight.

Yes – this is a little bit late at night, but if you are not too worried about being the first to hear it, it will be available on the BBC Radio 3 Website (where it can be accessed any time of day or night) and on BBC Sounds (ditto) for 30 days after its airing. It will also be published as a podcast available for all time!

Here is what Anthony says about the piece:

“Slow Radio: Dusk to dawn at the Isle of Wight Zoo

On the beautiful Sandown Beach on the Isle of Wight stands a historic fort, now home to the Isle of Wight Zoo. It is run by The Wildheart Trust, which promotes the survival of endangered species, and is well known as a centre for rescued big cats who, along with pocket sized primates and other even smaller animals have a starring role in this portrayal of the sounds of the zoo. The programme moves from dusk, as the animals prepare for sleep, through the small hours of the night, when the silence is punctuated by the sound of snoring, to dawn and the beginning of a new day.”

We’d love to hear what you thought about it once it is aired, but for those who are not up late, we will upload the link to the podcast once it is available.

Put it in your diary now so you don’t miss out!