Brave fundraisers recently added over £10,000 to our Hearts for Tigers appeal by abseiling down the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

With clear skies ensuring the view of the Island gave a stunning backdrop to their endeavour, the high-rise heroes certainly appeared as if someone had put a tiger in their tanks as a mix of energy and incredible courage propelled them 100 metres down the outside of the south coast’s iconic structure.

The event was the brainchild of zoo volunteer Sarah Burridge who pulled together the team to support the appeal which aims to raise vital money for the ongoing care of five tigers recently rescued from their former existence as mistreated circus animals.

Charlotte Corney, founder of The Wildheart Trust which operates the zoo, said: “Seeing each of these incredible supporters step off the platform to start their descent struck me as a great reflection of the leap of faith we’ve taken to rescue the tigers.

“We’ve already had to build a new £100,000 enclosure as part of the rehoming project and it typically costs around £12,000 a year to care for each and every big cat we help. That’s why these dedicated fundraisers and everyone that sponsors them are true heroes – without their help we couldn’t provide a sanctuary for victims of the circus and pet trade or work to raise awareness of their plight to help bring it to an end.”

If you’d want to help the tigers but don’t fancy abseiling down a very tall building yourself, why not show your awe and appreciation for those that already have by donating to the cause here.