The Wildheart Trust

The Wildheart Trust is a registered charity which is dedicated to realising its global ambitions to make a meaningful impact on the health of the natural world while actively improving the well-being of animals in human care. The Trust runs the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary and provides governance for its conservation aims.

The Trust has a unique and intimate style of engaging, involving and empowering people from the heart and the head. It sees one of its most important challenges being to convert ‘care’ into ‘action’.

With the ‘Sixth Extinction’ crisis looming time is of the essence to encourage an inclusive and participatory approach to conservation/restoration of the natural world so that everyone can play a vital role in preserving as much biodiversity as possible.

The Trust currently provides funding and technical support to in-situ conservation programmes for tigers in India, lemurs in Madagascar and native species here in the UK. The Trust has ambitions to grow its in-situ conservation.

Animal welfare is top of the agenda at the sanctuary with the emphasis on treating each animal as an individual. The compassionate and skilled animal care teams are supported by a talented and dedicated body of veterinary advisors. The Trust is also committed to raising awareness and influencing improvements to animal welfare externally across a range of areas from pet ownership to the consumption of animal products.

Leading on from this, another central function of the Trust lies in providing forever homes for big cats and other exotic animals which have been rescued from circuses or the pet trade. Big cat care has been at the heart of the sanctuary for several decades and it is now internationally renowned for its work in this specialist area. While the animal residents are not exclusively from a rescue background, priority is given to rescue individuals when seeking animal ambassadors for educational causes.

The Wildheart Trust is a young, dynamic and determined charity which is flourishing under the care of its Trustees and the commitment of its team. It was founded by Charlotte Corney, former CEO of the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary. She inherited the sanctuary (then zoo) from her parents, Jack and Judith Corney and has dedicated her life to conservation and animal welfare. Her partner, Chris Packham, is a Trustee of The Wildheart Trust and champions its cause.

This is a critical time for the Trust as it evolves as a gateway to possible solutions which aim to correct the imbalance humans have brought about in our world. It believes that everyone is a custodian of the planet and has the capacity to be a part of this movement.


Our mission is: To inspire and empower people to take positive action to protect our planet and the animals we share it with

In turn we hope that this would lead us to make a large impact on our vision which is one WHERE PEOPLE CARE AND CONSERVE OUR PLANET AND THE ANIMALS WE SHARE IT WITH.

We have five aims in support of our mission and these are that:

  1. We CONNECT people to animals and the environment
  2. We PARTNER with and support organisations worldwide at the front-lines of conservation, sustainability and animal welfare.
  3. We provide REFUGE for rescued big cats who are in need of a lifelong home.
  4. We provide the highest standards of WELFARE for all the animals in our care.
  5. We develop into a flourishing CHARITY that is an integral part of our community.

Our Trustees

Kit Sturgess

Chair of Trustees

Kit has been a veterinary surgeon for over 30 years working in a variety of roles in private practice and the universities including setting up and running a large referral practic...

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Charlotte Corney


Charlottes parents bought the IOW Zoo when she was a baby. She grew up helping to evolve it from the ‘Slum Zoo of Britain’ into a well-respected centre for the care and conservatio...

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Neil Cummings


Neil recently returned to the UK after almost 30 years in Canada and the US where he practised commercial law in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. He holds law degrees from the U...

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Alexia Fishwick


"I've actively loved wildlife all my life, from running my local nature club at the age of seven to being a Trustee at the Wild Heart Trust forty years later!” says Alexia Fishwick...

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Christopher Packham


Chris is a naturalist, broadcaster and author. When he was knee-high to a grasshopper he fell head over heels for ladybirds and other native animals living in his back garden. He s...

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Andrew Wilson

Andy worked in banking for 30 years and since leaving in 2017 has followed his dream of setting up a carpentry business, designing and making furniture & giftware. From a young age...

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Support Us

Modern science is constantly re-framing our perception of how animals think and feel and this only motivates us to try even harder to improve their well-being. Our animals benefit from bespoke care from people who become their friends and family.

One of our most treasured aims as a charity is to give safe and loving forever homes to big cats and other animals which have been abused in circuses and the pet trade and we do this through the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary relies on admissions and donations to run and any financial help whether big or small is really appreciated. Here are a few ways that you can help The Wildheart Trust in its fundraising efforts:

  • Come and visit the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary – see for yourself the difference we are making to the lives of our rescued animals and find out how their wild relatives are adapting to life with an even increasing human population.
  • Support The Wildheart Trust with a cash donation which can either be made on The Wildheart Trust ‘Just Giving’ page or by posting a cheque (made out the The Wildheart Trust) to the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, Sandown, IOW, PO36 8QB
  • Adopt one of our animals. This can be done in our shop at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary – or by contacting our retail team.
  • Become a volunteer at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary. For more information please email our volunteer coordinator.
  • Book an animal experience with us – this is a guaranteed way of meeting our animals up close and personal alongside one of our animal carers.
  • Fundraise for the sanctuary – please contact us for a fundraising pack.