Origin: asia

For many years the species of cat we have chosen to specialise in has been the tiger and we currently have three individuals here at the sanctuary. Breeding of tiger sub-species is strictly controlled and we are not involved with any breeding programmes at present. This is partly because our individuals come from problem backgrounds and their bloodlines are impure or unknown and partly because their offspring would be of no conservation value.

We focus, rather, on excellent animal welfare; offering a safe forever home to abused individuals; conservation by protecting areas of natural tiger habitat in the wild, and education by inspiring you, our wonderful visitors, to care about efforts to protect them.

Please explore our website tabs above to read about our tiger project in India, Tiger adoptions and the work of The Wildheart Trust.

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Meet our Tigers


Four-year-old Natasha is the youngest and most vibrant of our females. Natasha is not shy by any stretch of the imagination. This affectionate and curious tiger likes to think she’s the boss and really enjoys ‘stalking’ members of our visitor crowd!

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Six-year-old 'Zoppa’ is lame on a front leg - indeed, the word ‘Zoppa’ translates as ‘lame’ or ‘limping’. It is wonderful that so many of our visitors show care and concern by alerting us to her problem ...but rest assured, we are on it! In partnership with our fantastic consultant vets, we are in a process of identifying and prioritising her specific needs as they occur and providing her with the most appropriate ongoing treatment care plan. Zoppa is often in the limelight and can be a real flirt, giving Aysha a run for her money in the ‘chuffing’ department!

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Antonella, now aged thirteen, is the true boss and is a completely awe-inspiring individual. Antonella is more introverted than her companions and gives the impression of being rather aloof, being quite happy in her own company. She can, however, be kitten-like and sociable too: when she does interact, she has a breath-taking presence.

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