Origin: worldwide

Our feathered friends here at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary are sure to astound you with their amazing beauty and engaging personalities. Whooo will grab YOUR attention?!

Meet our Birds

Tawny Owl

Tawny owls are found throughout Europe and are also resident to Britain. These owls are responsible for the distinctive twit-twoo noise people associate with owls. It is the females who make the twit noises, while the males reply with twoo.


In 2012 we were joined by a little bundle of fluff, Darwin the baby tawny owl. Now fully grown, Darwin spends time between his aviary, taking part in lessons or with his handlers out and about in the Zoo meeting the visiting public.

Meller's Ducks

Although to some people it may look like a rather unremarkable brown bird, the Meller’s duck is one of the world’s rarest and least known species of wildfowl. It is one of three duck species that only occur naturally in Madagascar. A recent survey revealed this shy and retiring duck to have a small and rapidly declining population, because of hunting and habitat loss.

Goffin's Cockatoo

Originally from certain Indonesian islands, these birds live in forest and agricultural land.


Our cheeky male, Sam, estimated to be around 10 years old, came to us in need of a new home after his private owner could no longer care for him. Sam is, according to our animal manager, an extremely ‘cool dude’ and he enjoys ‘helping’ her with office duties.