Our Animals

Our sanctuary has a variety of animals, but we specialise in two particular areas - tigers and lemurs. Our keepers have their own specific sections, which allows them to get to know the personalities of the animals in their care very well. Why not explore this section and find out which of our animals are the headstrong type, which are the softies and which like to keep the keepers on their toes?

We have animals from around the world!

  Kumba & Vigo Webcams

  Eurasian Lynx Webcams


Did you know that we have our own beehive? In 2018 we were approached by BeesMax which is a not-for-profit com...

Meet the Animals


Our feathered friends here at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary are sure to astound you with their amazing beauty...

Meet the Animals

Eurasian Lynx

Watch the new Lynx Webcam!...

Meet the Animals

Farm Animals

Here at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, we have a small collection of animals who are very pleased to meet you...

Meet the Animals

Invertebrates, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish

The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary is also home to an amazing variety of crucially important species of invertebra...

Meet the Animals


We currently have five species of lemur at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, and are proud to demonstrate our de...

Meet the Animals


African lions are some of the most iconic animals in the world, and we are lucky to have four living at the Wi...

Meet the Animals


We have monkeys which originate from the African continent (Old World) and also those which are to be found ac...

Meet the Animals

Small Mammals

Our small mammals are very special to us here at the sanctuary as they prove that every animal, whatever its s...

Meet the Animals


For many years the species of cat we have chosen to specialise in has been the tiger and we currently have thr...

Meet the Animals